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We help business owners make clear and confident decisions about their future with in-depth business valuations and innovative exit strategies 

Business Valuations

  • Formal and informal business valuation reports

  • Independent business valuations

  • ATO and court compliant

Exit Strategies

  • Exit strategies that get the best price for the owner

  • Who will buy your business?

  • Exit Strategy valuations

Top 8 Reasons You Need A Business Valuation?

The value of a business is the only measure that incorporates the profitability of a business, the risk of the business and the investment.

A business valuation will tell you the sale price you can expect AND clearly explain what you can do to increase the value of your business.

A detailed independent business valuation is critical to all the future decisions a business owner will make, such as when you:

Exit Value Advisers Business Valuations Process

Our expert business valuers follow an industry best practice business valuations process based on financial results and also your business plan and the industry and market issues.  

However the business valuation process that the client sees is deceptively simple:

Business Valuation Process

Business Valuation Benefits

There are many benefits of getting a business valuation, such as:

  • Making clear and confident decisions relating to your exit strategies and when to sell your business.

  • Your ability to negotiate with confidence and a position of strength.

  • Understanding the key drivers that will increase the business valuation.

  • Ensuring your business plan will deliver an increased business value.

  • Supporting buy-sell agreements.

  • Assisting with bank finance applications.
  • Informing the succession planning process.

In some cases the benefits of a business valuation are related to compliance reporting such as with ATO compliant business valuations or in dealing with commercial disputes. 

But the most critical benefit that comes from a business valuation is to help keep the business owners and management team accountable for delivering increased wealth.

Are your decisions leading to an increase in your wealth?

Business Valuation Resources and News

Learn More About Business Valuation

Some of the key business valuation concepts have been explained by our business valuer experts:

Our business valuation reports are defendable, easy to understand and meets standards and codes such as:


Our expert business valuers and analysts deliver business valuation reports that are compliant with these and other codes and standards.

Our business valuers deliver business valuations in Melbourne, regional Victoria and can be deployed Australia wide to service all your business valuation needs.

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Latest Business Valuation Articles and Whitepapers

Our Latest Business Valuation and Exit Strategy Blog Posts

Exit Strategies For Small Business

Most small business owners are relying on their business for retirement or moving onto the next opportunity. So it pays to make sure you can get the highest value for your business - before you try to sell your business.

If you leave small business exit strategies to the last minute then you will be left with only three choices:

  • Use a business broker to sell your business.

  • Sell your business yourself

  • Close the business

Creating small business exit strategies needs to start early so you more options, get the best price for your business and make the most profits along the way.  It takes time to put in efficient systems, make the business profitable and deliver consistent growth.

If you want to sell a business for the best price you need an exit strategy valuation you can show prospective buyers.

If you have time then there are more exit strategies such as:

  • Sell your business to key employee(s)

  • Develop strategic partnerships that lead to a buyout offer

  • Attract investment partners

Download our whitepaper now and find out what options are available to sell your business and what you need to consider to be ready to attract the right offer.

Ready For Sale

Is your business ready for sale?

Will your business sell for a premium?

Are you transaction ready?

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