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Our Business Valuation and Exit Strategy Processes

We have found that a structured consulting process is the best way to ensure a business value-driven outcome for clients.  So we have adopted practices that are consistent with business valuation best practice and provide positive consulting outcomes.

Added to best practice methodologies for business valuation, developing exit strategies and transaction support, we overlay a consulting methodology that keeps us focused on the client requirements, expectations and key project objectives.

Whether we are completing a business valuation, developing an exit strategy or providing corporate advice to SMEs, we structure our consulting process to keep us on track and focused on the client objectives and requirements.

Business Valuation Process

We know that valuation is an evidence-based process that is informed by detailed analysis and deep experience.  We also know that arriving at a valuation outcome is sometimes an interative process of making assumptions, conducting analysis and then checking the outcomes to make sure the assumptions are appropriate.

There are two key aspects to business valuation:

  • The business valuation process that analyses the business to reveal key business valuation drivers.

  • The business valuation methods used to calculate the business value.


Our business valuation process follows five basic steps, and incorporates our overall Consulting Method:


  1. Defining the project narrative

    • What is the story we are seeking to resolve?

    • What processes should be adopted?​

  2. Information gathering and evidence discovery

    • What information is required and available?

    • ​Discovering the key evidence relevant to the project narrative

  3. Analysis

    • What ​do the key business trends indicate about business value?

    • What do the business and industry characteristics infer about the risk of the business?

  4. Business Valuation outcomes

    • What is the risk of the business?​

    • Assessing business value

    • How does the business value compare to other indicators?

  5. Does the business valuation outcome make sense?​

    • What would an informed buyer do?​

    • Are the assumptions correct?

    • Does the analysis support the business value?

Our valuation reports and business valuers (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and all areas of Australia) comply with national and international codes and guidelines including:

Our research and development is focused on staying in touch with the latest business valuation methodologies and techniques and how these relate to small business and privately held businesses.

Exit Value Advisers consulting process
Basic Business Valuation Methods

Exit Strategy Process

There are four broad stages to ensure an exit strategy is successful:

  1. Clearly understand the business value and the key drivers of value.

  2. Understand the potential buyers and what they really want.

  3. Ensure the right exit strategy process attracts the right buyers.

  4. Adopt a structured process of communication between buyers and seller.

Our Exit Strategy Process is based on a deep understanding of the current business value and your the desired price and what actions are required to close this value gap.

We have also found that it is not sufficient to just think of who would buy your business but how the transaction is likely to happen and under what conditions.

Our Exit Strategy Process makes sure we uncover the opportunities for you to get the business value you want.

Exit Plan
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