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Our Passion For Business Valuations

For us, business value is at the heart of all business decisions.  So we are passionate and dedicated about illuminating business value so that owners can make the better business valuation decisions.

The value of a business is associated with growth, acquisitions, investment and ultimately the sale of a business.  Understanding the impact these strategies has on business valuations is critical in making better business decisions.

We use detailed analysis and research with all our indendent business valuations to inform and guide business owners when:

Independent Business Valuation Consultants

Exit Value Advisers provide independent business valuation​s that can be relied on in front of a third party, can be used to secure investment or used to inform business decisions.

We are independent business valuation consultants that provide reports that:

  • Adhere to the standard APES 225 (Valuation Services).

  • Comply with ATO Market Valuation Guidelines

  • Are consistent with international best practices and International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) Guidelines.

  • Meet requirements for expert reports for Family Law Court matters.

An independent business valuation consultant will ensure all perspectives of the business are documented and taken into account, using best practices and international guidelines.  Each business valuation report will:

  • Clearly layout the methodology adopted in the business valuation.

  • Documented the information relied upon and any assumptions made.

  • Base analysis and business valuation conclusions on suitable evidence.

  • Be consistent with international best practices.

Our fees for independent business valuation projects are fixed and are not subject to the outcome of our reports and ensure we avoid conflicts of interest, or advise our clients as soon as a conflict arises.

We provide independent business valuation services with processes and systems to meet best practices and provide reliable and defendable business valuation reports.

Exit Value Advisers Values and Principles

Our approach to quality is based on two principles:

  • Extensive and illuminating evidence-based analysis that explores the roles of the business model, the business and economic environment, systems and processes and people in generating financial results.

  • Using systems and processes to cross check our results against the evidence.

Our values are based around the key principles fundamental to those at Exit Value Advisers:

  • Understanding the “why” of business outcomes.

  • Educating people on the connection between business value and strategy.

  • Research on the latest trends and theory and how this can be applied to business.

  • Quality outcomes for the client and our associates.

  • Embellishing fun into our serious passion.

Reasons for independent busines valuations
Indendent business valuations process

Benefits of A Independent Business Valuation

The key benefits our clients have gained from using an independent business valuation include:

  • Helping to remove the emotion from negotiations as a common agreed process is adopted.

  • Confidence in negotiating from a position of common understanding.

  • Confidence in the knowing the method of valuation will meet required standards and best practices.

  • Clarity in understanding how the business valuation outcome was achieved.

  • Sharing the costs across all parties concerned.

A best practice independent business valuation process will include steps to ensure all parties are involved in the information collation and that all issues can be discussed and raised through a common forum.  


We have broad experience in providing single expert business valuations for court purposes, providing expert advice as shadow advisers and also reviewing completed business valuations.

DIY Online Business Valuation Calculation Guide

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