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Independent Business Valuations Melbourne

We specialise in business valuations Australia wide, including business valuations Melbourne and Victoria.

Business valuation methods don't change whether it is in Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere else.  However, small business can be more susceptible to local and regional issues.  Having local resources becomes critical in getting the valuation right.


Melbourne, and Victoria, has long been the centre of Corporate Australia, large industry (automotive, pulp and paper, power generation and food processing) and a diverse sports following.  Economic changes, global competition, changes in technology and lower real estate prices have changed the dynamics of the state economy significantly over the past two decades.

Most business valuations can be completed remotely, delivering a fast and cost-effective solution to your business valuation needs.  However have local resources based in Melbourne and throughout Victoria to deliver in-depth independent business valuation reports.


We have competed business valuations in Melbourne and Victoria for all reasons including:

  • Selling a business

  • Buying a business

  • Restructuring a business

  • New or existing investment partners

  • Commercial disputes

  • Divorce or family law related matters.

Key Issues That Impact Business Valuations Melbourne

Whilst the theory of business valuation remains the same across the world, every region has particular issues that will impact our assessment.  It is important that a business valuations expert is not only aware of potential local or regional issues, but also has key steps in their business valuations process that researches evidence to show the impact these issues will have on business valuations.

Some of the key issues that may need to be considered in business valuations Melbourne and Victoria include:

  • Higher state population growth that will impact some local small business, influence construction industry trends or support demand in other industries.

  • Demographic trends such as extent of new cultures within local communities, socio-economic impacts on product and service trends and local tourism demand.

  • Local planning issues that may influence regulatory costs or compliance requirements.

  • New infrastructure projects that may impact such things as employment trends, demand for construction services, interruptions to business and expected future benefits.

Get an experienced business valuer and local team to deliver your business valuation Melbourne to get the best result.

Key Melbourne and Victoria Statistics

  • GSP growth rate of 3.5%, driven by Health Care and Social Assistance GVA (7.9%), Construction GVA (6.1%) and Financial and Insurance Services GVA (4.9%) contributing to nearly half of total economic growth in Victoria.

  • These industries account for 66% of total sales and service and service income.

  • Infrastructure projects include Metro Tunnel, West Gate Tunnel, Melbourne Airport Link and North East Link.


GSP: Gross State Product

GVA: Gross Value Added

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Business Valuations in Regional Victoria

Regional issues can have a major impact on a business valuation, as often the markets are restricted to the local geography and population, and influenced by local industries and demographic trends

Some of the relevant issues for regional Victoria can include:

  • Size of local population and population growth rates

  • Cost of local land and real estate.

  • Extent of tourism and number of tourist day trips made to the region

  • Reliance of the region on local industries such as agri-business, heavy industry

  • Infrastructure support such as road and rail access

  • Cost of services to and from the region such as transport costs

  • Access to suitable skills such as marketing, technology, business management and export support.

We have extensive business valuations experience related to businesses that are typical of regional Victoria.

Our Recent Business Valuations Melbourne Experience

Some of the business valuations that we have completed that are particular or unique to Melbourne and Victoria include:

  • Automotive engineering business valuations.

  • Medical device technology business valuations.

  • Agri-business and food processing business valuations.

  • Professional services to construction industry.

  • Timber mill manufacturing

  • Regionally located biscuit manufacture

  • Sauce and condiments manufacture

  • Retrofitting four wheel drive business

More details of our extensive industry business valuations experience can be found here.

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