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Business Valuation Articles and Exit Strategy News

Our focus is to illuminate the value decisions business owners face with detailed business valuations.

We have developed an extensive library of information on business valuation articles, exit strategy news and business growth ideas which we will share here.

Stay abreast of the latest in business valuation news and exit strategy trends through our monthly newsletters, whitepapers, BLOGs and other information.


A list of the questions we get asked about business valuations, valuation methodologies, exit strategy options and other items.

Whitepaper Library

A collection of all our whitepapers, dealing with:

  • Business valuation

  • Exit strategies

  • Succession planning

  • Growing strategic value

  • Other topics related to business development and increasing the value of a business.

Latest Newsletter

Links to Past and Current Issues of Valuation Affairs

All of our past newsletters, with the latest trends and news in valuation, ASX trends, small business and privately held business transactions.

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