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Our Business Valuer Resources

We have adopted a contracted approach to forming our team of business valuation consultants with resources for:

  • Data Entry and Processing

  • Financial Analysis

  • Business Valuation and Company Valuation Research

We also have developed and have access to a diverse range of business intelligence to ensure our business valuations have the depth and detail to meet all valuation requirements.

Our business valuation process, code of conduct and consulting processes ensure we can provide independent business valuation services using valuation experts and best practice resources.

Mike Williams B App Sci, MBA

Mike is a small business valuation expert with ten years’ experience in valuing privately held businesses and more than 15 years management consulting experience.

He is CEO of Exit Value Advisers Pty Ltd, Founding Principal of Maxell Consulting and a past and present director of a diverse range of small businesses.  He has the knowledge, skills and experience to help any business owner when it comes to business valuation, business growth, exit strategies and succession plans.

He has completed hundreds of business valuations in almost every industry, for a variety of reasons including supporting selling, buying or merging businesses, tax restructuring, commercial disputes, family law matters, seeking investment and making management decisions.

His background has given him a diversity that can be applied to almost any business.  He has formal training in science, mathematics, computing and business, more than 10 years management experience in the manufacturing and process industries, and more than 15 years consulting experience.

Business valuer melbourne

Our Business Valuation Consultants

Business Valuer Melbourne - Forest Xu

Forest is our Melbourne-based Business Valuer and has experience in all areas of business valuation consulting.

He is a graduate accountant with past business valuations experience with SMART Valuations and Value Adviser Associates.  Forest is one of our hardest working valuers, and is our fastest data processing and valuation analyst.  He has experience in all areas of the business valuation process including industry research and analysis, comparable transaction research, 

Business Valuer Melbourne - David Morgan

David is our Melbourne-based Business Analyst and is a past accountant, with more than 20 years experience in accounting public practice and accounting software industry.

He has been an integral part of our business valuation process having also worked for SMART Valuations and Maxell Consulting undertaking data entry, business analysis, industry research and comparable transactions analysis.

We have additional contract resources that have supported completion of business valuation prospects in all states and capital cities of Australia.  This allows us to provide: