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Key Industry Benchmarks With Our State of SME Performance Report

How does your business performance benchmark against your industry? 

The Australian economy has a diverse range of businesses - more than 2.2 million.​

  • And more than 93% have revenue less than $2m.

Our industry benchmark report - State of SME Performance - tracks the revenue, profits and numbers of businesses by industry and shows trends for past years.

  • Is your industry revenue growing more than the national average?

  • How profitable is your industry compared to others?

  • What is the employment profile of your industry?


We regularly benchmark the performance of the industries that make up the Australian economy and highlight the key trends happening in terms of growth, profitability, size and employee numbers.​

We have summarised our January 2019 report in our blog post here.

Industry benchmarks is key to a high business valuation 

One of the key features we have seen in a high business valuation is to:​

  • Have effective and clear reporting in place to know the key performance metrics of your business.

  • Know whether your business is performing better than other businesses.

An attractive business with a high EBITDA multiple will in general outperform the industry average and the better the business is compared to their industry peers, the greater the business valuation.

When completing a business valuation we will check the key performance measures of the industry in question and work out whether the business being valued is likely to outperform the industry and to what extent.


Which industries have the higher revenue growth rates and are more profitable?

We have complied our analysis into a regular industry benchmark report card for the Australian economy and it covers topics such as:

  • How many businesses are there and in what industry sectors?

  • How big are SMEs in terms of revenue and employees?

  • How profitable are the businesses?

  • What industries are the winners for growth and profitability?

If you are looking at growing your business and increasing profits, you need to know how you compare to other industry sectors.​

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Industry benchmarks australia

Our SME Performance Report and Australian industry benchmarks updated quarterly 

We update the industry benchmark report four times a year to provide:

  • Latest industry statistics (current data is to 30 June 2017 -2018 data coming soon).

  • New analysis including cost benchmarks and Industry Value Add

  • Impact of changes in regulations and technology on business performance.

  • Many more topics.

  • Our next update will be issued mid-March 2019

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