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Business Valuations When You Sell A Business

Are selling a business and need to know the best price you can get?

Has someone made an offer to acquire your business or are you negotiating a merger with another business?

In-depth exit strategy business valuations gives you the confidence and the insights to negotiate a sale price from a position of strength - not hope.

exit strategy valuation

Key Business Valuations Issues When Selling A Business?

  • How do you consider revenue and earnings growth when selling a business?

  • What features of the business will the buyer be interested in and how do they impact selling business valuations?
  • What balance sheet issues impact the sale price when selling a business?
  • How do you compare selling business valuations to the sale of other businesses?
  • How can the seller use selling business valuations to avoid a low price or offer?
  • What is the maximum market value that can be expected to be offered?

  • How is the strategic value of the business taken into account?

  • What strategies are likely to increase the value of the business before selling?

Our selling business valuations deal with these issues and others that arise during the sale or pre-sale process.  If you are selling a business you want to know about these issues early and not when you are trying to negotiate a deal.

We have the expertise and experience in carrying out business valuations to deal with all of these issues and more.

What Do Selling Business Valuations Provide?

  • The likely market value price range for the business.

  • Strategies to avoid a low price or offer.
  • Your walk-away price and why that is the case.
  • The highest sale price the buyer can offer and still make a reasonable return on their investment.

  • The features of your business that will be attractive when selling a business.

  • Key actions that will attract a strategic buyer offer that is willing to pay a premium price.

  • How to increase selling business valuations.

Selling Business valuations (or Exit Strategy Valuations) when you sell a business provide:

  • Confidence to negotiate.

  • Documented defense against issues a buyer may raise during negotiations.

  • Ability to articulate the reasons for the expected price range.

  • Clear valuation improvement strategies.

Business Valuation 101

Our Business Valuation Consulting Experience By Industry

Our business valuation consulting experience has included almost every industry and business within the SME sector.  It has spanned traditional sectors such as manufacturing, transport, retail, cafe  and food related businesses to the latest technology development, IT and professional services firms.

We have made a more detailed list of our business valuation consulting experience by industry.


If you want to discuss your business or industry issues with us, send us an enquiry.  We are always happy to discuss the business valuations issues and trends from your industry and particular to your business and circumstances.

An Exit Strategy Valuation That Helps Selling A Business

We focus on providing an independent business valuation that is designed for all parties to take advice and to demonstrate the market value of the business. 

However sometimes you need an exit strategy valuation that highlights the key features of your business specifically to attract buyers.

The business valuation methods and outcome will typically be the same as for any other purpose - however we will specifically document features and opportunities that will be attractive to a potential buyer.  The exit strategy valuation becomes a defendable marketing document.

Find out more about the exit strategies that suit your circumstance and how an exit strategy valuation can help ​you attract the buyers you need to pay the price you want.

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