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Valuation Affairs Newsletters

As part of our business valuation process we track, trend and analyse the latest business, markets, M&A and economic data so that we can instantly inform our clients on the key issues that impact the value of their business.

Keep informed with the latest trends by subscribing to our newsletter and get a link emailed to you as soon as each one is published.

This analysis arms professionals (such as accountants, lawyers, financial planners and other advisers) and business owners alike with information that helps them provide a greater depth of advice and support than would otherwise be the case.

Our newsletters include:

  • Latest trends in SME EBITDA Multiples from transactions (buying and selling of businesses).

  • Relevant ASX valuation trends.

  • Economic trends in Australia and globally.

  • Other merger and acquisition trends such as multiples, deal volumes and latest M&A news

Our Latest Valuation Affairs Issue

Past Valuation Affairs Issues - 2018 & 2019

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