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In-Depth Independent Business Valuations For SMEs

The value of a business is one of the primary reasons you went into business - to create wealth (and value) and at some point you will need a business valuation to help you make the right decisions.


Whether you are buying, selling, resolving a dispute, restructuring or making investment decisions, don't leave these decisions to guess work and chance - get an unbiased independent business valuation first.

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Top 9 Reasons For Business Valuations

The 9 most common reasons for business valuations in Australia include:

  1. When you sell a business

  2. When you buy a business

  3. Business merger

  4. Informing commercial disputes processes

  5. Divorce

  6. Restructuring a business

  7. Exit or entry of shareholders or partners

  8. Capital investment

  9. Expanding the business

We have expertise and experience in carrying out more than 1,000 business valuations over the past 10 years for all these circumstances and more.

A business valuation even helps the business planning and business development process, highlighting the business valuation drivers that can increase the value of the business.

Benefits of Business Valuations

Well-developed business valuations illuminate the issues and factors that influence the decisions need to be made to impact the value of a business.

The benefits of business valuations include:

  • Making better informed decisions from an independent source.

  • Negotiating the value of a business with confidence and control

  • Developing strategies to increase the value of a business

  • Confidence from the experience, expertise and use of proven methodologies.

You will gain more from high quality, clearly communicated business valuations than the cost of a quick and poorly thought out report. 

Fast and low cost business valuations done online often do not have the support of valuation advisory services to explain the implications and intricacies of the outcomes of business valuations reports.

Our Business Valuations Process

Business valuations are more than just running the numbers - it is an evidenced-based merger of analysis and discovery that follows a clearly defined business valuations process.

We assess the operations and strategy of the business in relation to the expected financial outcomes of the future and the industry and market conditions.  We use the evidence we gather on past performance and trends to support our expectations of the future.

We follow a five stage business valuations process that ensures we deal with all business valuations consistently, with standard practices and best practice.

Learn more about the business valuations process and how we conduct business valuations by downloading our Business Valuations 101 - What You Should Know About Valuations

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Why there so many Business Valuation Methods ?

Business valuations are often done for different reasons and different standards of value.  A business valuation for the sale to a strategic buyer will be very different to a business valuation for reporting to the ATO.


We have provided some more in-depth information on the standard and best practice business valuation methods we use:

If you want to know more information or discuss your circumstances and what business valuation methods you should use then send us an enquiry and we will provide a confidential no obligation discussion.

Can Business Valuations Be Done Remotely?

Yes Exit Value Advisers certainly do business valuations remotely.

Business valuations can be completed through face to face interviews or remotely, where we use skype, phone and email communications to collate the right information to and seek to understand the business as much as possible.

A lot of our information and analysis happens at a number of desks located all around the country, and even overseas.

Our services and regions include

Of course where necessary we will provide a face to face service so that we can get the best understanding of the business as possible. 

How Do Business Valuations Help Me Sell A Business?

There are many ways you can sell a business - and there are different types of buyers.  Some buyers (like someone "off the street") will only ever pay market value.  Other buyers may pay a premium to market value. 

Business valuations have the detail that tell you what type of buyer will pay what level of premium.

In addition, when you sell your business, business valuations will indicate how big or small the buyer can be.  If the business is worth $4m then it won't just be any Tom, Dick or Harry off the street buying it.  Whereas a business only worth $1.2m may be purchased by a wider pool of potential buyers.

Finally, business valuations usually uncover things you may not have known, which helps when you sell your business and try to match it to the right pool of buyers.

Our Business Valuation Expertise

Our business valuation expertise spans more than 10 years, over 1,000 business valuations completed and has included almost every industry within the SME sector:

If you want to discuss your business or industry issues with us, send us an enquiry.  We are always happy to discuss the business valuations issues and trends from your industry and particular to your business and circumstances.

Business Valuation 101

Exit Value Advisers Business Valuations Process

Business Valuation Process
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