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What Will You Do Next?

Will you sell or close the business?
Are you certain that:

  • Your business is capable of being sold?

  • It will attract a suitable premium?

  • You have enough time to exit your business?

Are you confused about:​
  • Your exit options?

  • The best ways to attract buyers?

  • How to assess the value of your business?

  • How to increase the value of your business?

You have two choices:​

  1. Speak to a consultant with experience, knowledge and credibility who will listen to your situation and give you some options.

    • We will listen and identify some actions you can implement now that will increase the value of your business.​

  2. Start the assessment process with a Sale Capability Assessment.

    • We provide over-the-phone assessments for $350 plus GST and give you a written report in less than 1 business day from the phone call.​

    • You have the option to continue based on our proposal or cease the project.

Submit your details now and we will respond within 1 business day and arrange a time to discuss your needs and what you can do next.

  • All discussions are strictly confidential and obligation-free.

  • We will submit a proposal for your approval before commencing any work.

  • All our projects are on a fixed-fee basis.

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