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You Have Two Options

Option 1

We listen to your circumstances and your needs and we first ask if we can solve your problem. Our focus is to educate you with information that helps you make better decisions.

At the end of our call we will give you some ideas that you can implement immediately - at no cost. 


We will only send you a proposal if you request one.

Option 2

We will still listen to your circumstances and explore your needs first.

And we will provide you with details on our Sale Capability Assessment, and if you agree we can start the process.

The Sale Capability process is a 30-40 minute phone call after which we provide a written report within 1 business day.  It gives you the likelihood that your business is capable of selling.

The fee is $350 + GST and invoiced immediately.

Our Response

You have questions that you want answered!

And we know you want a quick response!

So we will respond to you by the next business day and often quicker to arrange a time to discuss your needs.

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