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How can ​you get the best price for your business?

Is your business the prize you need?
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More than 1 MILLION businesses will exit over the next four years​ (ABS), and most will sell for somewhere near asset value.

  • How do you make your business stand out and attract the best price you can get?

At the moment it is a buyers market - so it takes time to attract the right buyer at the right price.  And this is easier when you pick the right exit strategy.

There are at least 13 exit strategies to choose from and in some cases more.  You need to pick the right strategies (yes you can pick more than one) to make sure you get the best price.​

Does this sound like it is all too hard?   Is it easier to just liquidate and shut your doors?

  • Download our whitepaper on the Best Exit Strategies For SME Business Owners and discover the 13 different variations of an exit for a business owner.

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What The Whitepaper Covers:​

  • Buyers and the sale process​
  • Types of buyers
  • Best price comes from a strategic buyer
  • How to pick an exit strategy
  • 13 Exit Strategy Options available
  • How to get the best price

Key Facts About Selling Your Business​

  • Many business owners fail to sell - usually because of a lack of preparation.

  • Most transactions take between 6 - 18 months to get prepared, find a buyer, negotiate, complete due diligence and seal the deal.

  • It can take more than 200 man-hours to prepare and secure a buyer for a business.

  • Taking the time to prepare for a sale can mean the difference between attracting a strategic buyer instead of a financial buyer (this can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in a lower price).

  • Approximately 80% of businesses will sell for a multiple of 2.0x EBITDA or less.

This does not need to be you and your business - if you are prepared.

Being prepared to sell your business is a process

  • Understand the current and potential value of your business.

  • Identifying the key features of your business that different buyers will want.

  • Assessing the best exit strategies for your business and circumstances.

  • Implementing value-boosting initiatives that increase the value of your business.

  • Being ready for the transaction.

  • Having a clear action plan in place to increase the value of your business and achieve the best sale result.

Download our whitepaper on Best Exit Strategies For SME Business Owners and start the preparation and process now.
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