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How Do You Attract an Unsolicited Offer?

Getting an unsolicited offer is a two step process:

  • Make your business highly valuable.

  • Proactively let the market know about your business

Attracting an Offer at a Strategic Premium


Exit Value Advisers have helped many clients attract unsolicited offers at a strategic premium. 

The starting point is always a detailed assessment of how attractive your business is now and what are your immediate opportunities.

We break this down into easily implemented stages that that look at the fundamentals you need to work on to attract an unsolicited offer and develop a plan of action:

  1. Understand your business value

  2. Will you sell for a premium now?

  3. What can you do to increase your business attractiveness?

  4. Attracting unsolicited offers

You will end up with:

  • Analysis of your business and its current valuation.

  • List of opportunities for you to work on to increase the attractiveness of your business.

  • Strategies to attract unsolicited offers.

  • Clear action plans on what to do next.

Attracting an Unsolicited Offer Program


We schedule 4 sessions over a 4 week period (or longer if required) to drill down into your business and understand:

  • Its current value.

  • Your opportunities to make it more valuable.

  • The features a strategic buyer is likely to find attractive.


After the first session, the remaining sessions are optional, but we require a minimum 5 days’ notice that you wish to halt the program.  We do not recommend skipping a session.


To attract strategic buyers is a long term process that can take up to two years or longer, but you are making your business more profitable along the way. 


This program gives you a clear foundation on which to plan for the bigger prize – a sale to a strategic buyer at a substantial premium to market value.


Over the 4 week period we unpack your existing business to find the gems that will attract a strategic buyer.


  • Week 1: Understanding the value of your current business

    • Investment: $400 plus GST

  • Week 2: What is the likelihood your business will attract a premium?

    • Investment: $400 plus GST

  • Week 3: Unsolicited Offers and the Buyer Landscape

    • Investment: $400 plus GST

  • Week 4: What actions need to happen to make your business highly attractive

    • Investment: $400 plus GST


Completed individually these reports are valued at more than $3,500 – that is more than a 50% saving.


We find the biggest two obstacles a business owner has to working on their business is to know what to do and to actually start.  This is why we have structured this program to get you moving and focused on the prize – a highly valuable business someone else wants.

Unsolicited Offer Program Outcomes 

Upon completion of each workshop we send you a Powerpoint presentation report detailing the analysis undertaken, the implications and key points that were discussed.

At the completion of the program you will have:

  • Informal valuation of your business.

  • Assessment of the likelihood of selling for a premium

  • Documented current list of strengths and weaknesses of the business

  • Initial list of potential strategic buyers

  • Actions to attract unsolicited offers

What To Do Next

If you wish to get started on attracting unsolicited offers simply reply to our email and say “I want to get started”, leaving us your contact details. 

We will contact you directly, make sure we understand your circumstances and explain the information we need to start and book in the first session.

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